Association of Patients of American Chiropractic

Logo APAC: Arbeitskreis der Patienten Amerikanischer Chiropraktik

The Association of Patients of American Chiropractic (APAC) uses customer feedback to evaluate patients' satisfaction with doctors, chiropractors and practitioners of alternative medicine. We issue our seal of approval only to competent doctors and alternative practitioners trained in American chiropractic

  • who are up to date with advanced training
  • with the highest quality and patient satisfaction ratings.

Our website aims to give you the opportunity to inform yourself about chiropractic. We do not lay claim to the completeness of the information or location recommendations offered here. The information here does not represent therapeutic or medical advice, nor does it promise to heal..

Evaluations of Chiropractors


As a potential patient, the satisfaction of other patients can be useful when choosing a doctor. Next to professional competence, the satisfaction of others is a valuable resource for finding good treatment and gives you a feeling of knowing you are in good hands. As a patient yourself, you can also share your experiences after treatment or therapy and leave feedback. Medical services should all be this transparent.


We hope to persuade you to share your experiences with us and other patients. Please understand that we can only publish evaluations if proof of identity is presented to us or the survey is carried out by one of our employees. This way we can prevent false evaluations, whether positive or negative.


APAC Logo Arbeitskreis Patienten Amerikanische Chiropraktik association patients american chiropractic