Children & Chiropractic

Subluxations can also occur with babies and children; they are not exclusively an adult problem. In contrast to adults, however, a significant central nervous learning process (neurological learning, locomotor programming) is still taking place. Thus, we consider it appropriate to adjust existing subluxations as soon as possilble.1.

The longer a subluxation exists, the more pronounced the damages can manifest in the body. The consequences can have an influence on growth; the longer the subluxation persists, the more likely the child's spinal column will develop in the wrong direction.

Frequently asked questions

  • How safe is American chiropractic?
  • Aren't children's bones still too soft?
  • Why do children need adjusting?

Parents think about these questions when they consider chiropractic treatment for their children. Some parents hesitate to let their children be adjusted, even when they themselves are in treatment.


Children are so special to us that we are sometimes overprotective and deprive them of necessary and valuable experiences.


The spinal column of a baby is very flexible in the first few months of life. Chiropractic adjustment techniques and instruments exert only light pressure to correct vertebral displacements. Chiropractic is applied without medication, invasive methods or remedies, which generally is the role of academic medicine.


An American research study2, led by the Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), showed that the risk of an injury as a result of chiropractic adjustment is extremely low for adults and even lower for pediatric patients (children). Upon reviewing 31 years of medical literature, the ICPA found only one questionable report about the injury of a child as a consequence of chiropractic adjustment. The ICPA concluded that "the possible risk for children is so low that it can't be correctly estimated."


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