Pain In The Buttocks And Thighs

Dysfunctions in the pelvic area

Nerves that run through the area of the lumbar spinal and hips reach the bladder, kidneys and genitals. It is important to ensure that these nerves are free from irritation and pressure.


When the hips are not balanced and lean to one side, one leg appears longer than the other. This is referred to as variable leg length discrepancy. When walking, more pressure is exerted on the longer leg. The knee, hips, ankle and foot on this side of the body can ache since the unnatural posture induces wear. Leg length discrepancy is determined by a chiropractor while in a lying position.

Hip problems with pregnant women

Pregnant women produce hormones in order to relax their joints and tissues for a an easier birthing process. Therefore, a displaced pelvis is more likely with pregnant women than with others. Adjustment of the pelvis during and after pregnancy, while reestablishing the static balance of the sacroiliac joints, relieves frequent discomfort of the musculoskeletal system present in pregnant women.