Neck Pain

Pain, muscle strains and limited movement of the shoulder/neck region are frequent ailments. The muscles are cramped and painful, movement is restricted, the pain occasionally moves to the back of the head or arm and you feel noticeably unhealthy.


We believe that these muscles don't tense up by themselves. This area is heavily strained through various factors: vertebral displacement (subluxation) in the cervical spine or thoracic spine, bad posture from long hours sitting at a desk, accidents, stress and, last but not least, the force of load, which can already be exerted on the cervical spine during birth. The body tries to stabilize the region with intensified muscle tension.


Massages and the application of heat are temporarily relieving and pleasant, but this is only how symptoms are treated, not the causes.

Adjusting the cervical and thoracic spines can have a positive effect on the tension of the neck muscles without directly relaxing them 1, 2, 3 .





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