The Path To Success

Healing process

Every healing process is unique and dependent upon age and overall body condition. We establish a personal health plan together with you. Cells have to be formed and muscles and tendons need time to adapt to the adjusted position of the vertebrae. Chiropractic has to be used regularly (during the so-called correction phase). We control and correct the process, but you have to help us help you! Regular exercise supports your recovery and helps you achieve health faster.


Both quality and quantity are important. Look for an adequately supportive mattress and

slatted frame combination. Higher cost does not necessarily mean better. Find the combination on which you feel most comfortable. Lying on your side or back is best. Stomach sleepers should try out another sleep position or at least support the chest with a pillow – this way the head does not rotate as far. In between sleeping, try to completely relax once a day.

Careful bending and lifting

Avoid working for long periods reaching over your head. Lift heavy objects with bent knees and hold objects close to your body. Change your posture often while working – straighten up and take a deep breath.

Health comes from within

Health can't be prescribed. Eat rich, healthy food. Drink plenty of water – this gives your body a natural foundation for healing. Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

Positive attitude

Avoid stress and think more about yourself again. Ask us questions. We will be happy to give you more information about "American chiropractic". We are optimistic and you should be too.


Chiropractic as a holistic method has been firmly established for more than 110 years.